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Re: playing w/ dj's

I was a real skeptic about turntablists until I saw a guy who calls himself
DJ Quest.   At one point he was running a four bar loop on one turntable 
doing fills off the second one.   It was just amazing, and infectiously
danceable.   After my shock wore off, I began to watch his hands very
closely, and what I saw was the results of the same kind of practice I put
in on my instrument.   YOu can see it on great guitarists and keyboard
players - economy of motion and grace.   It was real clear to me that I was
watching a musician.   And my tapping toes didn't need convincing.

I run an online music conference on the Well, and I hear a lot of musicians
dissing entire genres.   It's always a sign of ignorance.    I say that
there are no bad genres, just bad examples.   If I take the time to
familiarize myself with any from of music, I can alway find somebody 
it that reaches me.    In fact, I usede to joke that there was probably a
polka band out there that I'd love, but that I just hadn't heard them yet.
Then someone sent me a tape of Polkacide and proved me right.

As for how a person makes music, I'm only interested in an academic sense.
It's what comes out of the speakers that matters most to me.  And if you
think that twin turntables is easy, you simply haven't seen a good
turntablist.  If you think it's cheating somehow, I suggest you stop using
the preprogrammed harmonies we call chords on your guitar or keyboard.  I
mean, really.  Em9 has been DONE.