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Re: Repeater Demo in Marin!

In his review of the Repeater demo at Bananas-At-Large, Mark Landman

> I've dealt with Rik several times, and think 
>he's an allright fella, as a matter of fact, I purchased my EDP from him 
>and Bananas.

I also purchased my EDP from Rik and Bananas, 4/00.  I found him to be
really friendly and quite talkative, both on phone and e-mail UNTIL I
needed help on a problem, when he said, "Sounds like you need a new
unit," after which I never heard from him again, no answer on repeated
e-mails or repeated calls.  I felt abandoned by my lack of customer
support after the check was cashed.

Thankfully, I got valuable info from this list, Kim and 
Shane Radtke (Gibson tech <sradtke@gibson.com>).
I found it strange that either Rik didn't know about Gibson's tech
resource, or anyway didn't pass it on to me.  

> Rik went on to complain strongly about the
> Alto Music group buy controversy (for those of you unfamiliar, 
> Alto had the temerity to offer an extremely low group buy price). It was
> suggested to me that Alto was probably run by some venture capitalists 
> would probably be out of business in the future.

Seems Rik has mixed feelings on this, as in November, to
Loopers-Delight, Rik Elswit wrote:
> "Is the Repeater available for purchase yet? It's 11/1. Did the group buy
> happen yet? Too late for this?"
> Is there a group buy, and if so, how do I get in on it?


Mark wrote:
> The funny thing is I wouldn't have minded 
>paying a premium to get mine early, but I don't like the way this
>has gone down. This afternoon's  statement made up my mind, 
>and I'll be waiting for the Alto group buy.

My one experience with Rik (and Bananas) was not good (thankfully, my
EDP HAS lived, and I love it!!).  Alto has my Repeater order.

~~David Auker