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Re: playing w/ dj's

I can only autograph this comment and experience report.
The work and fun with a DJ can be immense.

At least,the guy at the mixing console could be a quarter part DJ.
So for those unsteady ones,this could be a solution with an option
for a wider step.
The interaction with a DJ is nearly as simple or hard like with 
"instrumental" Bandmates.
This depends on the personality,character and musical background of 
each member.I am sure,a DJ can add a new version of being a band in 
several ways.

The worse problem is,that most of the DJs will not join such a band.
For what reasons ever.....

The DJs I worked with,were pretty cool and openminded.But this is 
not a valid notion for all DJs ! 


>Von: "Christensen, Mark" <mchriste@jaguar.middlebury.edu>
>An: "'Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com'" 
>Betreff: RE: playing w/ dj's
>Datum: Sam, 19. Mai 2001 15:36 Uhr

>on the few occasions we've added a dj into the..  well, mix, it's been
>great.  these guys have both been good listeners (a must with us being
>primarilly all-improvised).  what also really helped was that both the
>drummer and myself (the stick player on this occasion) had a headphone 
>from the dj so we could both lock up and get the nuances of what he was
>i guess what i'm saying is that it was because everybody was into working
>together they were great experiences.  i'm toying with the idea of working
>in a duo situation with a dj next year...
>still getting used to seeing people dance at gigs, though.