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playing w/ dj's


> Also, I've got a question: I'm interested in collaborating with a DJ.
>  Not one that just mixes tracks, but one that is much more about pulling
>  samples from a lot of different sources and making something new.  My
>  job would be to supply guitar, synths and other wacky devices to the
>  mix.  Anyway, every DJ I talk to seems to be against playing with real
>  musicians for some reason.

- check out a sf-based group called Live Human. they were the support act 
the west-coast leg of a tour I was on (I play with the Tom Tom Club) and 
were truly amazing.
line-up was double bass, trap set and turntables.
really very truly integrated; creative as hell; and
they rocked (and swung) like crazy. they have a couple cds out... 
robby aceto