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Repeater in San Rafael

Dear Folks

As posted a few days ago - there will be a demo of Repeater
at 'Bananas at Large' in San Rafael, CA this Saturday (19May).
There are conflicting reports of the time, but I will be there
with Repeater from 12 noon until whenever... The demos are
slated to run before 12-2pm, so early arrival (12-1) is probably

1504 Fourth Street
San Rafael, CA 94901-2713
Phone (415) 457-7600 - Fax (415) 457-9148

The software work on Repeater is entering its closing stages,
and the unit demonstrated will be very close to final functionality.

I will be happy to answer any questions you have on the day / on
the list - but please no personal emails for now. Once the product
is delivered it might be a different story - but there are few hours
in the day left at present. As well as being demo guy on Saturday
I am the head honcho on the software team - ie one of the guys
that someone offered to buy pizza and coke for on the list a while

Damon is reading over my shoulder...



Don Goodeve   dgoodeve@ivl.com
Software Systems Design Engineer
(aka. Creative Barrier Dispersal Specialist)
Electrix/IVL Technologies
Victoria, Canada