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New PC based loop/mixing tools


I'm not a DJ (don't even play on on TV) but if I were, this seems a
sweet little tool for looping:


Screw CDs.  If you're in the digital domain, why not just deal with the
source file?  Word.

Also, I've got a question: I'm interested in collaborating with a DJ.
Not one that just mixes tracks, but one that is much more about pulling
samples from a lot of different sources and making something new.  My
job would be to supply guitar, synths and other wacky devices to the
mix.  Anyway, every DJ I talk to seems to be against playing with real
musicians for some reason.  I've heard things like, "when you bring a
musician into a show, it gets a lot more complicated."  and "I like to
have full control of the music."  The one DJ I've met that's played with
me IS a musician (classically trained double bass) but she more or less
just fades tracks into each other, adjusting pitch and tempo so they
blend nicely.  I'm hoping for a lot more sound collage.

Any comments?  If you're in the SF Bay area and would like to get
together, mail me off the list.  I'm into a very wide range of music.