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Re: Help with my DL4...

I have been having exactly the same problem with mine, except it's the
record button that's getting squirrely.

I put the unit in a green plastic suitcase and sent it on vacation in the
mountains over the weekend, and the problem seems to have gone away
momentarily... (no joke)

Who knows, maybe everbody, even electronic devices, needs a break now and

But seriously if anyone knows if there's a trick to resetting the unit or
otherwise fixing this bizarre breakdown, don't hold back on us!

I'm gonna go buy another DL4 as a backup and also to be able to loop one
through the other with the delay effects and multiple loops.


On Tue, 15 May 2001, Alx wrote:

> Hello, I have a problem with my DL4: the second switch
> (play/stop) isnīt working properly, sometimes it works
> and sometimes it doesnīt, that started to happen
> today, first I though that the switch itself was bad
> but with an electrical-meter I checked it and itīs ok
> so I think itīs a software problem īcause all the
> solder points are ok too, could someone please post
> again the email of the guy from line6 that has helped
> some of the guys in this list?, has anybody had
> similar problems with their DL4īs?.
> Thanks.
> Alx.
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