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RE: jamman footswitch >> midi controllers

At 11:53 AM 5/15/01 -0700, Mike Biffle wrote:
>> Hi Dan... I'm with you on this issue. I found the PMC-10 midi 
>controller's delay time unacceptable as well. I'd go with hard wired 
>footswitches. I used to controll feedback and other functions with midi 
>as well, but tap just didn't cut it.

> i don't think it's an issue with the pmc-10, or with midi for that 
>matter. i use a modified peavey pc1600/rolls rfx midibuddy combo to 
>control an edp record function using midi without similar problems.  the 
>peavey to jamman/edp midi chains are exactly the same to the point where 
>parallel midi outputs feed both, and the jamman is just not as quick to 
>respond to midi tap as the edp is to midi record.

That's why I don't have a JamMan anymore. 8-)  I've used the PMC-10 for 
EDP control and had good success... although I'm tending to NOT use midi 
right now mostly due to floor/footprint considerations. I've got a Lexi 
PMC 80, Korg AM8000r and TC D-Two, all of which have dedicated 
switch/exped inputs... so I hard wire what I need there and live with 
that. It's a case of not wanting to 'shop' around for the correct 
patch/bank on the midi controller to gain control. I just hit the 
appropriate switch or exped and go... OTOH... when I need to change 
patches, I have to reach over and crank around 'shopping' for a patch. I 
don't tend to change patches as much anymore... I build the sonic change 
capabilities using cc values inside a single patch... 

I AM tempted by the Peavey PC1600 and other tabletop controllers such as 
the Emu Launchpad though... Argh! More $$$$$$! The only way I acquired my 
PMC 80 was to go into indentured servitude doing sessions in trade for 
it... But boy... am I happy I've got that box!