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Re: jamman footswitch..another jam-thread!

I have 4 bespecco footswitches which slide together rather like the boss
fs5u's. I'd say that they're not as positive in action though they do have 
couple of interesting features, (interesting features?  footpedals? my god 
where's my anorak?).

1     If you press the switch in carefully about 1/2 way you can 
switch it on in a non-latching mode.
2    You can put an old pp3 type battery in it so you can tell if it's on 


> Hi Pat,
> Roland/Boss FS5U. They're flatter and don't tip over... they also 
together to form a larger assembly... ** they're costly **. Overall they're
worth it though... I believe Bespeco makes a comparable switch as well.
> Best,
> -Miko
> >>> patthelooper@hotmail.com 05/14/01 03:43PM >>>
> Okay,
> in need of a footswitch for the jamman. I searched the archives, all I
> up with is the same that originally came with it. I'm not a big fan of
> those, too flimsy. Any suggestions for a replacement?/different brands?
> Thanks,
> Pat
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