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Re: jamman footswitch..another jam-thread!

just a week ago I found out that most generic keyboard sustain pedels 
work, as
do the ones that came with my Ensonic TS-10 keyboard.  As a matter of fact,
they are the same as the MPM universal sustain pedels (without the polarity
switch) I got at the Guitar Center for $14 each.  (I don't recommend the
Guitar Center, but they're OK in a pinch sometimes.) You'll also need a 
female mono to stereo jack adaptor.  I've had no problems with the cheap 
ones available at most music stores.


Patrick Bailey wrote:

> Okay,
> in need of a footswitch for the jamman. I searched the archives, all I 
> up with is the same that originally came with it. I'm not a big fan of
> those, too flimsy. Any suggestions for a replacement?/different brands?
> Thanks,
> Pat
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