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Re: Boomerang

Finally bought the Boomerang Plus I've been lusting after since it was 
first announced in 1999.  Bought it for $425 at Matt's Music in 
Middletown, CT (one of the three Connecticut retailers listed on the 
Boomerang web site, and the only one with a web page).  Picked it up there 
for two reasons: (1) Price (he asked me if his price was competitive and I 
told him emphatically YES!), and (2) Location (I live in SE CT and like to 
give my business to local, or relatively local, retailers whenever 

(If you're thinking of contacting him to purchase one, be aware that he 
only stocks two or three at a time, and reorders when those are sold.  I 
bought mine on April 28, and he said he'd reorder the following week, but 
I don't know if he's replenished his stock yet.  But if you do contact him 
about purchasing, please mention my name as a referral -- remind him I'm 
the guy who tried out an older model 'rang using a black pocket trumpet 
with a mouthpiece-mounted Barcus Berry pickup.)

As for the 'rang itself, I'm lovin' it!  I'm using it with the 
aforementioned trumpet (with or without additional effects) and an older 
Crumar Steiner EVI (with or without additional processing through an XP300 
Space Station).  I noticed that feeding the trumpet pickup directly into 
the unit and using the level switch and trim control to boost the level 
produced unsatisfactory results; the trim control affected the output 
level of the unit quite severely, and also the brightness of the sound and 
the noise level.  From the archives I gather that this is not uncommon or 
unusual.  As soon as I used a preamp to bring the signal up to line level 
(DOD FX10 BiFet Preamp or Danelectro Fish-n-Chips Graphic EQ both work 
well), the problem went away.

If you're on the fence about getting a Boomerang (especially if you're 
holding out for a Repeater), get the 'rang.  I'm not sure which I'll see 
in my local music store first -- a Repeater or the Alesis airSynth -- but 
I'm not holding my breath for either one...

Paul Camann