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Re: Repeater and on... and on... and on...

Ted Geerdink wrote:
>> Wow, I sense some arrogance on this list... snip!
> if you can't stand Miko's arrogance ask about Orville on the list and 
>fear.... bye bye, Claude

Yeah Ted... I'm arrogant... but less so than everyone else here! *-) 
Hardly anyone on earth can afford an Orville so we *really* get on Claude 
for rubbing our face in *that* piece-o-gear we can't buy! And thanks 
Claude for that handy 'unsubscribe' routine below... how... ummm... 
helpful! A slightly thicker skin might help in these cases along with a 
sense of humor. Buy hey! If someone needs to feel offended I'm sure 
they'll find a way! (I try to limit myself to 1 emoticon per email, so 
mine's all used up...)


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1-click next line link

2-delete your signature, etc...  make your message blank 

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4-double click (highlight) the sacred word on next line then 
copy (contr+C )
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5-place cursor in Subject of the message
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