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Re: FESTIVAL of VOICE + ELECTRONICS this coming TUESDAY, MAY8th at 8 p.m. at the RIO THEATRE

Sorry Matt... 

Seeing as this is a FREE show, Rick was constrained by available time 
slots.... We'll be super famous after this show and will have no trouble 
booking the big halls on weekends. *-) Good luck on the house hunt!


>>> mattdavignon@hotmail.com 05/08/01 10:30AM >>>
Aargh! You're such a tease! I really wanted to go to this, but I'm looking 
at apartments all week. (I'm getting a good kick in the pants for finding 
new place, in that my apartment is about to be condemned.)

I'd submit a request that you guys have these things on weekends, but I 
understand that the theatre is probably tied up on weekends all the time.

Everybody who can, go to this! It will be worth your while!

Matt Davignon

>From: "Mike Biffle" <Mbiffle@svg.com>
>Reply-To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com 
>To: <loopers-delight@annihilist.com>
>Subject: Re: FESTIVAL of VOICE + ELECTRONICS   this coming TUESDAY, MAY 
>at 8 p.m. at the RIO THEATRE
>Date: Tue, 08 May 2001 10:05:53 -0700
>Sorry this is so late but for those interested...
> >>> "Rick Walker (loop.pool)" <GLOBAL@cruzio.com> 05/03/01 04:00AM >>>
>Hi, gang, Please check out this really cool and free event next Tuesday, 
>May 8th at 8 p.m. at the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz (specific information 
>                 THE 1st SANTA CRUZ
>                  TUESDAY, MAY 8th
>with special guest artist:   live video animator, David Tristram
>is a reality, thanks to Laurence Bedford's (owner of the Rio Theatre) 
>it is FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>We are:  John Whooley (vox, processing and our headliner), Amy Excolere 
>(vox), Bill Walker (processing), Miko B (processing), Simran Gleason 
>processing) and co., Johnathan Arthur (vox), Richard Salzberg (vox), 
>St. Michael and co. (vox),  George DeMarest (vox, processing), Jeremy 
>Zumaran (vox, processing), Tony DeCicco (vox),  and myself,  Rick Walker 
>(M.C., vox, processing, publicity, postering and  autocratic stage 
>The central metaphor for the entire show is to have acapella 
>improvisational singing in several different styles (overtone singing, 
>opera, avante garde, death metal,  industrial beatbox, trip hop, pop, 
>angelic chanting, mouth farts or whatever)  to be manipulated by 
>processing artists (looping, pitch shifting, vocoding, filtering, et. al).
>The singers will have no 'control' over the processors, nor will the 
>processors have any control over what they are given to 'process'
>This can have really beautiful results if everybody has their best 
>listening and creativity hats on (physical hats are not required ;-)
>The one rule of the show is    VOICE ONLY....................NO OTHER 
>We will be joined by special guest artist David Tristam (live video 
>animation and visual processing) and Ed Atkins (tentatively on lighting 
>design ;-),Victor Revere (sound and facilitation),   Bob Caine (on live 
>sound recording and facilitation;-) and last but not least,
>Laurence Bedford (venue, patronage and spiritual guidance and the lovely 
>and talented Sabine Freudiger (spiritual guidance and good vibes).
>The show is Tuesday night, May 8th at the RIO THEATRE at Soquel and  
>Seabright.   It will begin at 8 p.m. and continue until it is finished.
>  I'm very, very excited to be working with such incredibly talented and 
>fearless improvisers as yourselves.  I think we may break some new 
>artistically and maybe create some new vocal 'vocabulary' in the process.
>"All composition is just very slow improvisation"   -- Arnold Schoenberg
>Thanks,    Rick Walker (aka, loop.pool)
>P.S.   I will be performing a solo looping set as the opener for the 
>legendary RESIDENTS on May 26 at the RIO THEATRE.
>I'm so jazzed, I can't see straight~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (what ridiculous 
>emoticom is used for giddy excitement?)

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