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RE: Repeater

omjn (08:19 PM 05.07.2001) wrote:

 >speaking of repeater, it's turned up in the catalog of the australian
 >distributor with a price (insert enormous amount of australian dollars
 >here).  I contacted them about this and they said "shipping in june".  
 >know if this means anything though, given the on and off shipping dates of

Yeah, it's shown up in catalogs and print ads a couple of times. That 
happens because of the lead time required to get an ad into a mag or for 
the distributor to secure space in a dealer's catalog.

The last official word from Electrix was a letter from the president of 
Electrix which was forwarded to the list by Jamie Drouin (also of 

In there, it's said that (as of the date of the letter) the new ship date 
looked like early June.

The letter is also on the front page of their website: