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Re: Jon Catler

Jhsidlo@aol.com wrote:
>     Somebody's probably done a thread on this. But I just got Jon 
> "Evolution for Electric Guitar and Orchestra" CD. Very, very good!!
>                                 Later, James H. Sidlo

And he's a Boomerang user too! Catch Evolution in concert in 
NYC on June 14th, 2001 - http://microtones.com/woot
Come hear me too, Blurry Day -June 22,2001!

Do you live in Texas? Jon told me yesterday he sold two
cds to someone in Texas recently.


* D a v i d         B e a r d s l e y
* 49/32  R a d i o "all microtonal, all the time"
* http://www.virtulink.com/immp/lookhere.htm
* http://mp3.com/davidbeardsley