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Re:DL4 problems


don't know if he can help you, but maybe send a mail off to:


George Van Wagner heads up the line6 web board and seems to be one of 
main points of contact there relating to all things line6.  George 
was extremely helpful to me in some issues with the DL4.  the person 
he put me in touch with at line6 support got me my replacement unit 
sent to me within a week, if i remember corrrectly.

tell him you're from looper's delight and see if he can steer you in 
the right direction at least.

good luck.


ps.  i've seen a repeater.  i liked it very much.

>G wrote to Steve Lawson:
>"Buy a Repeater"
>Has anyone ever even seen a repeater?
>Also,  I have been having a hell of a time getting Line 6 to send back my
>'in warranty' modulater pedal.  It's been 7 weeks now (not counting the 
>week where my local tech thought he could fix the problem and wasn't able
>to).   This has been very vexing, I must say (said in Ed Grimley's voice).
>Rick Walker