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Re: DL4 problems


dunno if this is your problem, but that's a similar sound to what the 
DL4 makes when you clip the inputs.  Are you running a line level 
into it, or a very hot signal?  If so, that might be the problem.

If you're just running a passive guitar level signal, and it does 
it....hmmm...try line6 support.  they are pretty helpful and should 
work out getting you a replacement unit if it's defective.

I'm planning on getting one of the ebtech line level shifters soon, 
to work with the DL4 and line level signals.  i'm hoping that will 
open up this box's flexibility.


>My DL4 has started making some rather strange noises - sounds like 
>someone blowing into a microphone intermittently - lots of
>hiss and a shifting other noise... not nice at all, and likely to 
>ruin gigs should I use it (had a solo gig Saturday and
>fortunately it wasn't doing it, or at least not too loud anyway...
>Any suggestions as to what it is and how to fix it?