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Re: Brian Eno Installation at SFMOMA

In a message dated 05/07/2001 12:44:06 AM Central Daylight Time,
alan_i@sprynet.com writes:

Today, I went to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to see the "010101"
exhibition. Brian Eno set up an intriguing installation. It is a darkened
room with strands of ornamental lights going from floor to ceiling and a
posed manequin in the corner. A dozen boom box CD players playing the same
looper of ambient music at different intervals were located at key spots in
the room. Thus, standing in different parts of the room would "emphasize" a
different part of the music. A very interesting example of Eno's
fascination with system-oriented art.

Some Christmas tree lights, a mannequin, and a bunch of jam-boxes.  

Speaking as a guy who used to be glommed on to Apollo and Music For (You Name
It), I don't think the Domed One has much to reveal anymore.

a loop supreme,