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A Windows Setting for You Other PC Recorder Types

I found this today after a searchabout looking for ways to unbungup a
situation probably caused by beta-testing IE6 while also wanting to record
more than 10 minutes into a 44100/16-bit stereo WAV file, with only 7GB 
free and 128MB of SDRAM...  It solved a major limitation.

Turns out there's more than just MinFileCache and MaxFileCache settings
under the [vcache] area.  While many recommend that one never change these,
I found it necessary due to the extraordinary demands of long WAV file

This setting is called ChunkSize, believe it or not.  If you have 
recording long or big multitracks under Windows, set it to the size of your
motherboard's cache.  As mine is 1MB, I gave it the value 1024.  Problem
solved!  :)

Stephen Goodman
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