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Re: mfc10 sends sysex? other foot controllers?

At 5:29 AM -0700 5/5/01, Eric Zang wrote:
>Hi, I'm looking for confirmation about which midi foot controllers
>can send programmable sysex.
>Mitigator - read a blurb saying it does, but these seem rare to find.
>Digitech PMC-10 - rare and not reliable according to posts.
>Rocktron AllAccess - wow, dang expensive!

Those are the three I know about. The Mitigator RFC-1 is robust and 
relatively easy to program. The PMC-10 is flimsy.

Another alternative, for those willing to program and schlep a 
computer, might be to get an older Powerbook and to use Max to map 
program change messages from one of the more common foot controllers. 
This would give maximum flexibility and would probably cost less than 
the Rocktron.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202