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so cal/usa gig announce/spam

Title: so cal/usa gig announce/spam

May 8

8pm - 11:30 pm

Steuart Liebig - bass and some loopage
Vinny Golia - woodwinds
Billy Mintz - drums
Paul Carman - saxophones
Chris Symer - bass
Kendall Kay - drums

 The charge will be a $5 suggested donation.
                            Reasonably priced refreshments will be available.

                            "THE ARC" is located in The Artists Village at
                                          316 W. 4th St.
                                            Santa Ana
                        1/2 block west of Broadway between Broadway and Birch.


  There is metered parking all along 4th street in front of The Arc. These meters are free after 8pm. There
is also free parking after 6pm at the parking structure around the block at 3rd and Birch.