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Re: the new iBook...

>     if you use a USB audio interface, does that bypass the computer's
> soundcard?
Yes indeed it does.
They use  ASIO drivers for the most part I believe.
Latency is the one to watch out for with USB interfaces.
I think the iBook looks great, I would hook a firewire audio interface up 
to it.
Metric Halo has the one everybody is talking about.
But you could also use a Motu 828
you could happily run Digital performer on a G3 500.
I worked very happily on a G3 400 powerbook with DP for a couple of years.
I'd go for at least  300 or so megs of RAM if you intend to do a lot of
sampling. Also I  think an external firwire drive would come in handy.
Only problem with the iBook as far as music apps  go would have to be the