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stuff fs

hey folks,

gonna sell some of my fancier loopers if anyone is interested. my wee
brain finds the dl4 and boomerang work just fine for me. i can email
pics. here's what i'd like to sell:

oberheim echoplex digital pro with expanded memory, footpedal and new
loop software chip (uninstalled). it's in good cosmetic shape and
functions perfectly. i bought it over a year ago from a fellow listee for
$825 and just haven't used it much. so i'm open to any fair offer.

lexicon jam man with one footswitch a xerox manual, no memory upgrade.
it's in great cosmetic shape and works perfectly. again, i'm open to a
fair offer.

boss/roland dr sample 202. it's in new condition as i've only used it in
my home studio.

i also have some recording gear for sale:

alesis adat (blackface) in excellent condition with low hours and an elco
(1/4 trs) cable and lrc.

tascam 16 channel board. this is a great board! the eq is wonderful. the
headphone out cuts out intermittently tho'.

panasonic sv3500 dat deck. sounds way better than more recent sv decks. i
don't know why, but i've owned a few. it also has xlr inputs, very cool.
has a wired remote too. i'll thow in a BUNCH of dats too. i have like
30-40 of them, most of which have been used just once or twice and have
been erased.

that's it! please pmail if you're interested. i'm in the burbank (la)
area for any locals who wanna come and kick the tires :-)

thanks for the bandwidth!