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Re: Logic looping ---> Pluggo vs. Spektral Delay?

>O Looplist,
>Vis-a-vis the thread on software looping, I'm wondering if anyone here
>has opinions on the relative merits of Cycling 74's Pluggo vs. Native
>Instruments' Spektral Delay? 
>I have the demo versions of both programs, and like them a lot.  Any
>opinions on strengths/weaknesses?  VST compatibility?  Other similar
>types of sound-warping plug-ins?

I dont know Spektral Delay, but when I read this, I had just closed 
Performer after the first trials with delay plug ins and here is what 
I found:

The Waves delay seems less apropriate because it does not have the 
option to sync to the sequencer speed.

The MOTU delay does it but not acurate.

The Pluggo VeryLongDelay does it quite exactly and has a totally 
flexible relation control so you can do your shifting multiple loops. 
It even preserves sound reasonably when I can change from 1/4 to 1, 
reminding a EDP Multiply by 4 function ;-)

Speed tap:
I can control the sequencer speed with an external MIDI note or clock 
easily. So that would be a tempo tap. The strange thing is that the 
plug in does not follow that speed but insist on some 86 beat I dont 
know where it takes from.
Could this be a bug? With both plugings the same happens, so it would 
be a Performer bug?

FeedBack control:
As I understand Performer, I can control one plug in parameter with 
the automation and I can control Volume and Pan by MIDI but not the 
parameter by MIDI... why would that be?

So these would be reasons to use Logic?

Well, there is still quite a way to go, but I got the impression that 
there is one... and there must be Pluggo programmers that are closer 
to what we need, or may I help someone? ...yes, I know, the new MST 

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org