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Re: Plunderphonic (was "disrespecting softwares")

>We've fairly well beaten the software piracy issue into the ground, 
>but the recent reissue (in expanded form) of John Oswald's 
>"Plunderphonic" CD

yes, we have...but the last time around we did this, i got a link to 
a disc which i've enjoyed, and now i get to check out John Oswald. 
any links to his stuff?  The disc i got before was Antediluvian 
Rocking Horse...very fun...completely recycled collage music. 
Imagine negativland with a dance beat.  They are distributed through 
Seeland Records, the Negativland label.  you can buy it online from 


>Any thoughts?

in this day of incredibly easy digital repurposing (sp?), the whole 
'collage' thing, to me, has less sting...  would a Raushenburg or a 
Jasper Johns have the same impact if they were done post-Photoshop? 
the sheer amount of time and dedication to obtain and repurpose those 
images was part of what that art was.

Eno and Byrne's "my life in the bush of ghosts" feels the same way. 
Some elements of that album would be downright easy these days.  not 
the creative input, sure, but the technical issues.

on the other hand, the democratization of the technical process of 
making music/art has an exciting element to it, too, IMO.