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Re: Lou Harrison

Title: Re: Lou Harrison
At 4:20 AM -0700 5/2/01, Rick Walker (loop.pool) wrote:

I love the suite he composed for John Cage's piece for Toy Piano... Anybody know if it is recorded?

On ECM New Series:

John Cage - The Seasons
Seventy-Four (Version I)
The Seasons
Concerto for prepared piano and Chamber Orchestra
Seventy-Four (Version II)
Suite for Toy Piano
Suite for Toy Piano (Orchestration: Lou Harrison)

American Composers Orchestra
Dennis Russell, conductor
Margaret Leng Tan: prepared piano, toy piano

 I also saw it at the inspiring Cabrillo Music Festival.  

Or as some of us know it, "The formerly inspiring Cabrillo Music Festival."

It hasn't been the same since Dennis left.

Richard Zvonar, PhD   
(818) 788-2202