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Pascal wrote:
"I'm looking for piezo sensors both the buzzer kind and the strip.  Does
anyone know where I can get them?  Radio Shack doesn't carry them anymore."

Au Contraire, mon frere!!!!    I just bought some piezo buzzers from my
local Radio Shack this week.    Call around to a few stores, I'm sure you
can still find them.  If not,  contact me and I'll try to pick some up for
you.   There cheap:  maybe $3-$6 apiece.
I'm at
412 Darwin Street
Santa Cruz, California

You buy the buzzers,  carefully break the plastic casing away and then
disconnect the piezo element form the
little circuit board.     Connect to a female 1/4"  connector and, voila,
instant $100 guitar (or saz or ud or gopichancd)

good luck,   Rick Walker (loop.pool)