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RE: Logic Audio Loops

Logic is very deep and powerful in its control potential, esp with midi,
with real-time features that are very cool. Esp neat is the ability to
trigger different sequences in real-time via midi note ons.

A great resource is the mail-list and archives at yahoo groups.


And there's several links at:


All the audio and midi mixer settings are controllable via midi. Its just a
matter of rolling up your sleeves to learn the system. one of the beauties
of Logic is how you can easily transform any midi message to another for
control, so you don't have to fudge around with your hardware foot pedals 
sliders much, you simply map the msgs to whatever you desire and route via
patchcords to audio channels and/or midi instrument channels in Logics

The main problem I've found is the seduction of all the softsynths, VST
effects and especially the EXS24 sampler that runs in Logic. These are
incredible tools, irresistable and addictive and the NEW paradigm for
electronic music. And these are demanding on CPU cycles in the computer. I
need a new computer.


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> Subject: Re: Logic Audio Loops
> Jeff,
> Can the enabling of the buss sends or muting of the
> tracks or delays be accomplished through midi (foot
> pedal, for instance)?
> Can you envision how a similar Logic setup could be
> created to do this for midi looping?
> The reason I'm asking is that I'm seriously toying
> with the idea of switching from Windoze/Cakewalk to
> Mac/Logic, and before I do, I'd like to understand
> Logic's midi looping / midi control capabilities for
> live usage.
> Thanks,
> stephen
> --- Jeff van Dyck <jdyck@bigpond.net.au> wrote:
> > Matthias,
> >
> > I was thinking the other day about Logic Audio's
> > live inputs and some
> > delays....well the verdict is...a very cool software
> > looper system!
> >
> > Using plugins, I started with a noise gate on the
> > input, then assigned 4
> > buss sends,
> > each to a separate instance of a Waves SuperTap 2
> > Tap Delay...On the
> > delays, I turned on one tap and had it at 8 1/4
> > notes delay, with
> > 100% feedback with the same amount of delay...so by
> > enabling any of
> > the 4 buss sends on the input, I can record an audio
> > loop, and then
> > mute one of the delays if I want to. I can even add
> > other plugins, without
> > disturbing the loop. It's really quite amazing.
> >
> > The result is a live 4 track infinite audio loop
> > that syncs to midi.
> > Latency is a non issue on my Mac G3 300.
> >
> > This is a great example of how flexible Logic can
> > be.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Jeff
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> Stephen
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