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Re: Expression pedal with PMC10

Mike McGary wrote:
> Interesting timing.  I just spent last night messing with this.
> I could not get my Yamaha FC7 pedals to work (it's a shame, I think
> those are great pedals, performance-wise).
> I have some pedals for my kurzweil that work just fine.  They appear
> to be run-of-the-mill-but-not-yamaha pedals.  You just have
> to go into the 'utilities' menu and calibrate the pedals.  I am using
> my two pedals to affect feedback and output level of the EDP (via the 
>       Mike McGary


you need to change the jack connector to a mono one by connecting the
shield to the sleeve and one of the two other wires to the tip 
sorry you'll have to try ...
I have two of those sturdy yam pedals hooked to my pmc10 and it works
solder some, its easy