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Re: EDP MIDI sync problem

> willby wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a proud new Echoplex Digital Pro owner, which I love. However, I'm
> having
> a problem syncing the EDP to a MIDI clock coming from a drum
> machine/sequencer.
> I've got the MIDI Out of the drum machine to MIDI In of the EDP; I've
> also got MIDI
> Thru on the EDP to a separate (#2) drum machine's MIDI In.
> The drum machine #1/sequencer is set to generate MIDI clock & it's
> MIDI channel
> is set to 10. Indeed when I start it & the EDP is on I can
> successfully sync the
> second drum machine to the first drum machine's clock (can change
> tempo
> on drum  machine #1 & drum machine #2 matches it all day).
> However, even though I've got the EDP set to 'Sync In' & set to 8/8s
> beat & set to
> MIDI channel 10, any loop I put  in (after starting the drum machine
> #1 clock) does
> not seem to follow the tempo of the other drum machines. The loop goes
> in, but
> when I vary the tempo on drum machine #1 (which drum machine #2
> happily
> follows) the loop I've put in the EDP stays the same tempo.
> Any ideas as to what I may be doing wrong here? Thanks in advance for
> your
> time.

your doing fine but you are expecting too much
the echoplex cannot follow tempo changes as they occur because it would
mean time stretching the loop lenght on the fly wich is yet to be seen
in a looper (Repeater will do that when its out)

so youre stuck (as everybody btw) to one tempo per song