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Re: look: it's every on-topic!

At 1:51 AM -0800 2/26/01, Michael P. Hughes, PhD wrote:
>Max:> well...IMO nothing really compares to it in that price range. Much
>> quality than the Akai Headrush. It has better sound quality than the
>> and allows to do reverse and half speed/double speed loops. Sure, it is
>> 14 sec. of loop time (28 sec in half speed/bandwidth mode) but I have
>> that to be plenty.
>Am I right in thinking it has fixed feedback?

that's right. to me that's the biggest limitation of the dl-4. Without a
live feedback control you can't easily evolve a loop from one point to
another. You can only build it up with overdubs, and then kill that loop
and start another. I think some reviews of looping performances have
complained of that, there tended to be jarring discontinuities from one
loop to another and things did not flow together so well. I assume those
performances were done with loopers like the dl-4 that don't have a
feedback control.

To me, feedback control is such a fundamental technique of looping that not
having it is like painting without the color blue. I'm consistently amazed
at how many looping devices come out and don't have this feature.


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