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Re: Looper Construction Kit (was Re: 1U PC for Kyma)

Hi Jim!

Please excuse my late response.  Work has been murder for me too!

> hey, i understand wanting to protect your work,
> and i would have no qualms about throwing in some cash...

Thank you!  I probably over-reacted to your original message and felt more
need to justify a commercial venture than was called for.

> > Microsounds are little chunks of DSP assembly code.  ...
>> . . .
> i gather you can't just assemble them and distribute the objects?

You'd think so, but no.  I think Kyma assembles the code directly into a
non-relocatable form, i.e., there isn't a linker/loader.  At least that's 

> can't wait to get some giant loop clouds going...
> multidimensional loop-scapes?
> whatever and ever...


Dennis Leas