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Re: 1U PC for Kyma

Why not just get a secondhand Llaptop ?
Advantages -
Built in keyboard/mouse
Uninterruptable power supply
Cheap - if like me you get a straight pentium.

I have a sliding drawer on the bottom 1U of my 5U rack which  has a couple
of velcro strips on it. These are matched by a couple of strips on the base
of the llaptop, (I actually remembered to put the soft ones on the
llaptop -good move).
When I get to the gig I open the drawer , stick the llaptop on it and I'm
off. The 3U behind the fold up screen is occupied by the front of the
Capybara and a Lexicon Reverb unit and I have a spirit mixer bolted along
the top of the rack. I have a mains block racked up to the back of the unit
too. The whole thing is manageable and not too heavy.

> > Doh, and I forgot the more important issue: noise.
> >
> > Rackmount power supplies are issued with special 'noise inducing' fans,
> > provide system and network admins with the a penile extensive 'roar'
> > whenever the enter their private domains. It's kind of like the fiber
> > ball bearings that are put in aftermarket car exhausts for very small
> >
> > Or so it seems to me.
> >
> > bIz
> >
> hadn't thought of that.
> fan noise is directly related to air velocity
> smaller aperture = faster velocity.
> there may be little to fix that.
> of course, clubs tend to be pretty noisy,
> but for ambient stuff in coffee house/gallery it could
> be pretty annoying...