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       OUT/IN/OUT,  who cares, doesitmatter?! Learn your instrument and
play your heart. I've been improving for twenty years. "Scenes" come and
go.The edge of musical expression sometimes moves forward, othertimes
sideways, the past has already been filled in. Those who take the time to
ask the right questions and  articulate their passion will find a unique
voice. That's true of anybody who stands out in the progression.
         Even in "experimental" music, I feel most want to be lauded for
jerking off their well-worn tics in public. Miles said "I don't pay you
guys to practice on the bandstand". He wanted them to be ready/prepared to
try something new in front of an audience. It is, as it should, be
scary/fun. If your not scared, why should an astute audience care?? I taped
over a Joe Satriani Fillmore concert recently because there was no chance
on stage with him, just big shiny chops. There is a squeaky door at work
that's more interesting.
         I believe a major reason Hendrix checked out was because he had
lost touch with how to do something new, a spiritual/creative cul-de-sac.
He was becoming a parody of himself. Most artists don't care, (or know),
when that happens.
         Bla bla bla            Jonathan