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No Longer For Sale: Echoplex Digital Pro Foot Controller

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I wrote:  I think I might want to sell my EDP foot controller (EF-7)
and Claude Voit posted
> do you have to sell it for food or what ?
> dont do that keep it even if you do not want to use it for now
> you never know how your needs will evolve
> its direct access, something you'll be glad to have when you _have_ to
> push undo _now_
And of course he's right--but it IS going into the big ol storage shed full
of equipment and personal effects--
But he's absolutely right, the best way to need it is to sell it--besides
I've been informed that Alto has them for under $100--he made me laugh, tho
. . .
Still gotta have an EDP to use it with, but those seem to be shipping now 
well . . .
OK, I'm off to see Steuart & company, and I'll issue a full report when I
get back (oh boy, it's the Knitting Factory again!)