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Re: Llive llooping, Cardiff, Wales

have you performed before with the kyma?
i am still at the crawling stages with mine,
but it seems like it would be great for live
are you using the laptop interface or hauling 
a desktop system around?

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> Hi,
> I'll be playing live in Cardiff on the last Wednesday of this month using
> cheap guitars, (including my Beezzarre geetarre) and African percussion
> through a Kyma system.
> The music is VERY eastern sounding, (no, I don't mean Kent). There may 
>be an
> element of oud, clock chimes, toys and/or pipes of various lengths - who
> knows ?
> Other offerings may include medieval music, East European music, free 
> jazz, acousmatic stuff, dancing, stripping, live sex etc etc
> The usual offering of 1/2 pint of warm beer to any loopers' delight 
> on production of a valid loopers' delight membership card.
> Gareth, (One Man Tribe)