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Re: What's the collective noun for UK loopers?

There seem to be at least 3 loopers from the big smoke here. Why don't you
hire a charabang and pop down the M4 - it's only a few hours drive and you
could share fuel costs.

> Would love to, but have since given up the Land of My Fathers (or rather
> isLand, being from Anglesey) for the grim temptations of London...
> Martin:
> >I would certainly be interested.  Where in Wales are you?  I live in
> >Staffordshire.
> You mean there are people in Staffordshire?  ;)
> (I jest; for those outside the UK, Staffs seems to be the new home of 
> rock)
> Stephen:
> >Arrgh, stuck in London again... no car here I'm afraid.  But should
> >in this burg would like to jam, lemme know.
> This might be a goer - after all, David "Terrible Puns" Orton is in
> Any other takers?
> Mike
> PS For those who have long memories, I used to be on this list, like, 
> ago (and lived in Glasgow)... have ended up researching on acoustics of
> electric guitars (for reasons I don't entirely understand).  At least it
> lets me play with the guitars, as I seem to have no time to play the
> (hence my lurkitude)
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