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Re: How can you play in the correct speed if you don't hear the drums first?

Hey Miko....I did some "work" with Tony of few years ago.  I can safely 
you that there were no greater motives in the count off thing...it's just 
kinda how he works! Keeps all of the musicians on their toseys, 'tho. Prob 
was...the "right" tempo never stuck either. Batteries tried a re-union 
about "95-96...but it didn't stick. In their prime they were a killer 
Max Valentino

>From: "Mike Biffle" <Mbiffle@svg.com>
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>Subject: Re: How can you play in the correct speed if you don't hear the 
>drums first?
>Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 13:36:06 -0800
>Rick Walker will probably remember this particular tempo thing as well...
>A Santa Cruz based band we both co-billed with called the Batteries, used 
>to count off most of their songs really, really fast... then proceed to 
>come in at the real tempo of the song... It was always great fun to watch 
>the singer Tony Canipe in high-speed mode count off the song, and hear 
>band come in at a completely different tempo. Not sure if this was just a 
>fun goof they did, or if they had deeper motives for doing it. Did they 
>ever say anything about this to you Rick? I really loved that band and 
>them all a lot...
> >>> gendel777@yahoo.com 02/14/01 01:06PM >>>
>Share your tip, that would be cool to hear.
> > Another good thing to do is to learn how to play
> > behind the beat or ahead of
> > the beat with total impunity.  This is a longer
> > discussion and if you or
> > anyone else wants to hear it, I'll be happy to
> > post a very cool trick I invented for teaching a
> > rank beginner how to do
> > this against a metronomic track.   Just let me know.
> >   Right now,  I'm about
> > to clean install my whole friggin' system to prepare
> > for a big
> > production/writing gig that starts next week.   My
> > system has been
> > increasingly buggy and I can't afford for it to fuck
> > up on me next week.  I
> > may be off line for a day or two, consequently.
> > Wish me luck,    Rick
> > Walker  (loop.pool)
> >
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