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Re: Email and Computer settings to avoid infection

thank you for your suggestions.

from my windows explorer i went to folder options and unchecked the box
(that was checked) labeled, 'Hide file extensions for known file types' .

i also disabled the view panel as suggested.

i checked the restricted zone setting i will see what makes it in.

i checked the  plain text button, what will this change in me sending mail

i will now go to the microsoft site and search for their update. i am
tempted to store my total mail list on a zip disk and refer to the zip disk
when sending mass mails.

thank you again for all your suggestions, they are very helpful!

jimmy george

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Subject: Re: Email and Computer settings to avoid infection

> At 09:18 PM 2/13/01 -0600, jimmy george wrote:
> >but i must open it to become infected, right? just recieving the mail
> >not infect me? are there any email settings i might change to protect me
> >more?
> I'm not an Outlook expert and I don't use it but in Outlook Express
> here are some of the options you should look at.
> Of course you should never execute programs that you receive from someone
> don't know.  But what if someone you know had their computer infected and
> sent you something without even knowing it?  Be wary of any program you
> receive.
> In the case of this recent virus or worm, it has an attachment that is
> really an executable VB script.  But the name is something.jpg.vbs.  If
> you leave your Windows Explorer view options in their default settings
> you will only see the file named as something.jpg and you might think
> it is just a Jpeg picture.  So you click on it and it executed the 
> You should choose your View options to NOT hide the file name extesions
> of known file types.  In Windows explorer choose View, Folder Options,
> and then the View tab.  In that dialog window find and turn off
> "Hide file extensions for known file types".
> VB scripts that are embedded in the message do not have to be "opened"
> to execute.  Simply reading the message will execute them.  To avoid
> reading a message unintentionally make sure you have the Preview pane
> turned off.  Do this by selecting your InBox and then go to View menu
> and select layout.  In that dialo window turn off the "Show Preview Pane"
> option.
> In the Security tab of the Options menu select the restricted zone to
> limit the active-X and VB script content that is allowed. Unfortunately
> Outlook Express does not seem to specify what level of things will be
> allowed or diallowed.  I guess Microsoft figures we wouldn't understand.
> There may be more control of this in Internet Explorer.  It's also too
> bad that you cannot control your Outlook email all from within Outlook.
>    And to stop sending HTML encoded that many people cannot read:
>      Options...Send Tab .. Mail Sending Format - Select Plain Text
> Lastly, many of these worms travel by sending a copy of themselves to all
> the email addresses in your address book.there has been at least one
> security update for Outlook (and maybe Outlook Express) that disables
> or warns if a program tries to access your address book.  Go to
> WEB site and see if you can find it.  Read about it, download and install
> I hope this is helpful.
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