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Re: Sync SR-16 With Echoplex--Also! Change patterns thru MIDI (sort of long)

At 8:58 AM -0800 2/12/01, Michael Clark wrote:
>Hi!  Thank you for responding.  Well, starting the drum machine, pressing
>record on the EDP and begin playing - all at the same time - is a bit 
> I was hoping it would be a bit like syncing tape - press play and off you
>go.  Is there no easier way?

one simple trick....
set up an empty pattern in the drum machine. start that playing. It will
send out midi clock at the right tempo but no sound. (or you could use an
alternate output to send out a click to headphones or something.)
Somewhere in the middle of your pattern tell the drum machine to go to the
pattern you want to play. If it is like most drum machines, it will wait
until the end of the blank pattern before it jumps. Press Record on the
echoplex before that happens. This will "arm" the echoplex, so it waits for
the next measure boundary to start recording. Then the drum machine will
switch to a real pattern at the same time that the echoplex starts
recording, as you want.

make sure the echoplex is set to sync=in, the midi out of the drum machine
is connected to the midi in of the echoplex, and the drum machine is set to
transmit midi clock.


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