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OT:Re: R: opinions on analog - USB converters

rich@nuvisionsca.com writes:
>I was 
>planning on migrating over to Cubase, since i would like to swap 
>files with someone who is using Cubase on PC.
you can effect that exchange, regardless of which sequencer program either 
you is using.
save yer file as a midifile, & make sure all audio-files are either 
a)time-stamped, a la SD2 files, or b) that they all begin @ bar 1/beat 
1/subdivision 1/tick 1.

>Does anyone have a suggestion for a USB midi box that would work 
>smoothly with Cubase on the Mac?  Also, does anyone know if the 
>Cubase files will be cross platform to the PC version of Cubase?
i have heard that the *only* usb midiboxes that don't require the 
unnecessary) use of OMS and/or FreeMidi are the Emagic interfaces.
dt / whatsaMaTTeRCeLL