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Re: Ring Mod Guitar

> The extremely cheap and very quirky but cool, ZOOM 1201 has a ring 
>  and a working vocoder in it for only $149.  If they still make them.
Yes, excellent boxforthemoney. Excellent autofilter section
and 3s of nice clean delay. (2x1.5s).
Also the worst reverbs you ever heard.

Well I made the Craig Anderton ring mod many years ago.
Used too much current to use with batteries.
Just one chip with a few components.
The carrier signal was a square wave, I reckon a
sine wave would be better (more ring less fuzz).
The frequency of the carrier would change with
a loud input volume (nice)
You had to turn a control to cancel out the 
carrier signal at the output (or use it as a drone effect).
If you changed the carrier frequency the carrier would
break through again, so you had to null it out again.
Best budget ringmod IMHO is the Behringer Modulizer,
( though this still has a square wave carrier, and the original signal 
to break through a bit)
Midi controllable, Envelope or LFO control of carrier freq. (or random 
and  even a low pass filter .

Andy Butler.