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Re: OT (was flexible amplification...)

Hans Lindauer wrote:

> Are you referring to the THD Univalve head?
> Check it:  http://www.thdelectronics.com/
> or:
> http://namm.harmony-central.com/WNAMM01/Content/THD/HotPick/UniValve.html
> -Hans
> > dang me and my lousy memory! (sorta on this thread)
> >
> > in the latest issue of tape op, in the reviews section is a short
> > piece by larry crane about a really great looking 8-watt
> > tube amp called babytube (or somethin'). msrp of around $600US, but
> > also comes available with a 10-tube assortment pack for
> > swapping out different colors...has a simple (2-knob) interactive tone
> > & gain control. the amp is advertised elsewhere in the
> > mag, and looks *amazing*; exposed transformer/tubes a la ampeg b12. if
> > anyone has seen (or heard) this amp and has more info,
> > please post. i want one!
> >
> > lance g.
> >


tho this looks like a similar idea, no, it's not the same. the amp i read
about is actually made by a company i've never heard of (which means it 
be awesome, right? :-) i'll check it out tonight when i get a chance to 
at the article again & will report back...

lance g.