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Re: simultaneous, multiple-length loops

jj179@juno.com wrote:
> On Mon, 05 Feb 2001 15:19:50 -0800 "Mike Biffle" <Mbiffle@svg.com>
> writes:
> > > From my cursory reading it appears that machines exist which can do
> > either A or B but not both. Any suggestions?
> >
> > That's correct... so far we're stuck with having to have separate
> > loopers to handle simultaneous DIFFERENT length loops. Which CAN be
> > a very good thing... Sync and MIDI capability drives the price up
> > quickly.
> <sigh>  is making a machine that can simultaneously play multiple-length
> loops just too difficult? is it simply not a feature that many loopers
> demand? could that very nice fellow from ElectrixPro add his 2 cents
> perhaps on the mechanics of 1) how this might be done from a
> manufacturing standpoint, and/or 2) why it's just too difficult to do?

the technology exists you can sync multiples echoplexis at sample level
sync and still keep control of each of the machine in dividually
I wonder what the bigest nb of paralell echoplexis has bee done ??

I'm still dreaming that I could have a third one not for the paralell
tracks but for the 
independence of access

now if only GIBSON would take their head out of the sand and give some
developement investment around Mathias, Kim and the Aurisis team to
finnaly give us the EDP 2 with the multiple plexis concept kept over 8
mono tracks 
the EDP is already capable of all that (brother sync;midi brothering
even with just a quadra plex with the soft as it is :put 4 in 1 box it
would be the unquestionable looping RR (Rolls Roice)