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Re: 9 disks

Hey....wouldn't it be cool if all the Looper's everywhere started throwing 
these little "Looping Festivals"?  Providing a higher profile and public 
view of this new artform we hold so dear.  Wouldn't that provide some 
validation for the use of loops as musical instruments...then we wouldn;'t 
be discussing the whole "is it live or is it memorex?" thing.
Y'know, Rick Walker, (insert deity of choice)bless his heart and soul, has 
done the entire world of looping a great service with the Looping 
he has organized.....wouldn't it be cool to spread that across the land?  
Maybe we could all play at each others' parties!!
Max Valentino


>     Anyway, I wanted to see if there are any other New York City based 
>loopers up for getting together, and, possibly, putting on a festival 
>the Santa Cruz thingy.  I have a big loft space in Long Island City 
>for jamming at all hours, and was wondering who'd be interested . . . let 
>me know here or off list.  Take Care All!
>                  1-2-3 Repeater!!
>                       Aaroneous

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