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Re: Cheating (was: Turn All That S**t Off)

There is obviously a difference between "playing live" into a looper and
miming to a backing track, not sure if the audience really cares though.
For years now rappers have done there stuff over backing tracks, its kinda
THE POINT I guess.
In my old band Cranes we had a rule which was if we physically could NOT do
it live (due to it being a "special sound" or just not having enough
musicians) then we would put it on tape, and if we could play it live we
would! That way looping is safe ground cos looping is not just "a method of
cheating", its a sound thing really. I must admit that once we blew it by
recording somthing in the studio called "Paris and Rome" where the marimba
part was on tape throughout the song and the song cut out in the middle to
just the marimba and a clarinet (which none of us could play) and we though
it would be OK to leave it on tape. First gig on the tour we realise that
we, the whole band were stood there like lemons for ...oh a good minute and
a half!!! So we changed it and had drums and a few little ambient wibbles
over the top!
But lets not get too muso about this, as someone else said its about a
"Show"  and as long as the "show" is good to watch, I don't really care if
its a guy sat behind a laptop!

Mark Francombe Red
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