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Re: How to place Looper in audio path?

Pete Mundt wrote:
> The basis for our project is improvisation. There are no "songs" so to
> speak. So we all allow each other the freedom to do whatever it takes to
> make us happy;) So taking a minute and a half to switch a few 1 foot 
> cords is no big deal compared to the 3 hour set we prefer to do. And the
> music never stops,so while I'm modifying my setup, the others are still
> jammin' on.   Granted, this may work in my situation and not yours, but I
> would imagine that one could pull it off on stage if one knew the diagram
> for each individual song, and took 20-30 seconds to make the quick
> switch.The other option is to have several aux sends:)
> Pete.

an expensive but versatile solution is a programable patchbay