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Re: cubase automation of the plex (was 'Plex for sale)

Alessandro Ricciarelli wrote:
> Hi,

> What I specifically need to do is to be able to predetermine the exact
> length of the loop via a Cubase Midi File, in other words, I am creating 
> loop that I like, record it, figure out what tempo it is in Cubase, and
> then I would like to create another loop with that exact tempo ...
> I am writing all this because I am hoping that if you have already sold 
> `Plex, maybe you still could give me some advice, i.e. tell me if I 
> keep this Jamman or get an EDP in order to do what I want to do. (I do 
> a DL4)


use cubase to push record for you (all front pannel buttons are assigned
to midi commands)
so while in sync with plex or cubase as master your plex will be put in
record endrecord multiply whatever with exactly (in the limits of the
midiclock precision )the same lenght if you decide so

once you like the loop push record on cubase and record the audio out of
the plex

etc ....

if you use several loops with auto record on you can use nextloop to
record to different loops in one go 

this  is one of the most powerfull way to work with plex, I use it a lot
in  a lot of weird ways