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Re: EDP sample dump (anyone uses it?)

>OK.  Based on your advice, I'm throwing in the towel on this 
>feature.  You're right, a
>transfer time of between 60 and 90 times real-time is useless. 
>Given that you feel this
>feature is a "throwaway", why don't you simply remove it from the 
>feature set and reassign
>the code memory and front-panel buttons to some new, more useful feature  

Thats an interesting point.

We felt that it was a "must". We were in doubt from the start whether 
it would be of much use, but instead of discussing that with users, 
we wanted to offer it and let them decide.

Eric spent a lot of time with it and improved it in '95. This version 
will only come out with the next upgrade. He tested it with the then 
available samplers:

another Echoplex, Galaxy, Alchemy, SoundDesigner, K2000, EMU e64, Akai, MAX

According to him, a one second loop takes 50 seconds to transmit, 
which looks like a usefull situation. Some people work with very 
short loops, so...

Since Eric is involved with a totally different job now, it will not 
be easy for us to still improve and adapt to newer products, 
especially if PC based.

If noone even tried the dump to Cakewalk before you, to fix it may be 
a effort out of proportion.
There is still some hope that the coming upgrade will work with 
Cakewalk or that there is a problem with your setup we did not find...

Sure there would be use of the parameter keys, but to remove MIDI 
dump completely would be radical, no?

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