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Re: Click Track from EDP

its not really what he wants as this doityourself only gives visual
metronome (leds) 
something you may perhaps find in a future EDP upgrade....

why dont you find an very inexpensive drum machine for that that would
read the clock from midi out


Dennis Leas wrote:
> > .... i would love to find somethin to get a click out of the EDP.
> > someone knows somethin, i'm hopin...stanner
> I did a brief web search on MIDI metronome and found this DIY project.
> Sounds like it might work for you.  I think you should be able to find a
> software version of a MIDI metronome somewheres, too.
> http://www.maxmidi.com/diy/metro/
> Hope this helps!
> Dennis Leas
> -------------------
> dennis@mdbs.com